I’m starting this blog because I feel called to. As an Enneagram 5, I’ve lived my life collecting vast quantities of information via observation. I now want to share this information, not to pontificate (ie, not to proclaim why I am right) but because I’ve mostly found the things I’ve discovered to be helpful and true.

I feel like I should mention that I’m not always right (I feel like I’m quick to point out when I’m not), but I AM always seeking out what is true. I think it is crucial in becoming a better human that one constantly test one’s own model of the world to see if it valid. Both my wife and I do this all the time. Being right isn’t important to me. Uncovering truth is. That’s why I’ve learned to enjoy dialogue with people, even with those who disagree with me. My focus is on improving relationship and community.

I don’t trust people who have dogmatically believed the same things their entire lives (in the same way) because they are either never learning, or they think they are never wrong. That’s not to say that there are not many things I believe that I will not change my mind on; it’s more to say that I’m willing to challenge my existing beliefs all the time, and yes some of them will change in the light of new learning.

Having said that, I should probably define what the core of my blog is about. Like most people (I hope) I’m deeply concerned about the divide in this country. I’m especially concerned about it for people who profess faith in Christ. The posts I make in this blog are an attempt to offer an alternative for people who are tired of living in a country dominated by this divide. It’s a new way of thinking about authority and government, and I hope it frees people to extricate themselves from that division.

My target audience is primarily people who identify as Christ followers. But it is really for anyone who wants to pursue truth and is capable of both self-reflection and changing their mind.

My two major points of emphasis are:

  • As a Christ-follower and/or someone who cares about relationship/community, how can I re-frame my understanding of politics to break down walls instead of bolster them up?
  • What is my relationship to “authority?”

I will try to include other topics I am interested in, especially ones that are not well known or are considered counter-cultural.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.