The Duopoly

Having dialogue with those still trapped in the duopoly can sometimes feel exactly like talking to someone in a high-control group.

It feels like they don’t care about truth. They just want to echo from their side. Because their side is right. And anything not from their side is wrong.

I feel like we (anti-authoritarians) must be an enigma, because, for example…

On one hand we proclaim the benefits of a free-market.
On the other hand we stand firmly against the patriarchy.

I guarantee you those sentences triggered people who identify with the duopoly.

I’m hoping that those people recognize that there is freedom in believing that the state is not the solution in which we should place our faith.

My faith is not in a political party (or ideology). My faith is in Christ. My goal is not to use government to “make things the way they should be.” It is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and carry out His work. To build relationships with people, and not walls between them.

And I hope that knowing that we (anti-authoritarians and voluntaryists) don’t want to enforce our beliefs on anyone via government, not only builds our credibility, but enables people to hear what we have to say.